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Water Sensor

Water Sensor

The Bio-Well Water Sensor connects to the Calibration Unit similarly to the Sputnik and allows for the testing of water's response to environmental stimuli. It is not designed for evaluation of water quality or comparing different types of water from a quality standpoint.

Bio-Well Water Sensor Manual

Bio-Well Glove

Bio-Well Glove

The Bio-Well Glove is designed for real-time measurements of a person's stress level. Bio-Well Glove has two options: a conductive glove for one hand, or a sticky electrode which may be placed on any part of the body. Measurements are conducted in "Environment" or "Meditation" modes. Bio-Well Glove should be connected to the Calibration Unit supplied with the Bio-Well device.

Bio-Well Glove Tutorial

Carrying Case

Bio-Well Carrying Case

The Carrying Case offers protection and organization of the Bio-Well and its accessories. The double-zipper pulls back to show a soft, padded compartment which may be separated into sections using the 2 included removable, padded velcro walls.

Bio-Well Filters

Bio-Well Filters

Bio-Well Filters may be used during finger scans. They decrease the influence of fat and sweat from the fingertips, hence showing stress on the physiological level more than the psycho-emotional level.